Are your people happy & engaged? Are the intrinsic motivators that you are using achieving the desired result? Are your teams struggling or under-performing? Or, have they begun to perform or even hyper-perform?

Training is a great place to start when investing in your people and teams. But, to fully leverage your investment they will need coaching and mentoring to guide them on their journey to becoming high-performing both individually and as teams.

There are four key areas in which I coach and mentor and some of the tools from Flow and the UVF (Unified Vision Framework) that I use include:

  • I - Individual
    • The 4R Model
           Right Ideas, Right Values & Attitudes, 
           Right Actions, and Right Results​

    • The 4D Model
           Define, Distill, Deliver, and Drive
    • "Personal VSPT" 
      ​     Vision, Strategy, People, and Tasks
  • We - Team
    • The 4D Model
    • VSPT for the teams
  • It - Product
    • The 4D Model
    • VSPT for Products
    • The "3 Whys"
  • Its - Organization
    • The 4D Model
    • ​VSPT for Organizations
    • Cascading Vision (with link-backs)
    • Walkabout Workshop (i.e. Big Room Planning used to find cross dependencies and integration items)
    • Cutting Room Flow Exercise (i.e. Forced Prioritization of work at the Project, Program and Portfolio levels)
    • Agile Transformation/Governance Groups
    • Agile Portfolio and PMOs

Training is always a great place to start, but your teams need to use what they've learned in their daily work. Coaching and Mentoring leverages your investment in your team members. 

Let's chat about a customized solution for your team's coaching and mentoring needs!

“Only three things happen naturally in organizations:

Friction, Confusion, and Underperformance.

Everything else requires Leadership.”

Source:  Peter Drucker

Management ConsultANT
Enterprise Agile Coach

​Mentor and trainer

Andrew Kallman