Management ConsultANT
Enterprise Agile Coach

​Mentor and trainer

Andrew Kallman

“Simplicity is the
​ultimate sophistication.”

Source: Steve Jobs in “Wired,”
19.12.2012, pg. 233


There are only three (3) primary reasons to do a project, product, program or portfolio:

  • Increase Revenues
  • Decrease Costs
  • Mitigate or Eliminate Risk

The same tools that I use for Coaching and Mentoring are also used in my management consulting practice, as well as additional customized tools like:

  • Vision Workshops and Audits
  • Cascading Vision Set-up
  • Strategy Workshops and Audits
    • ​Financial
    • ​Customer / Product, Service & Result
    • ​Process / Project, Program & Portfolio
    • Learning / Coaching & Mentoring
  • Organizational Agility Health Check
  • Flow / VSPT Reporting Dashboard
  • The "I - We - It - Its" Transformation 4-box
  • Creating Portfolio, Program (PMO) and Project structures for Traditional, Lean and Agile enterprises

Let's chat about how to create a sustainable, high-performing organization using simple tools like Flow and the UVF.